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 <-Back                                                     Client's Reviews:          

 "Tatiana is an extremely talented artist who is not only well versed in creating superb murals, but is also amazing at creating a large

  variety of beautiful and striking wall finishes.  She does all of this quickly, professionally and with a great sense of color 

  combinations that work well together to bring just that right feel to your rooms.  We highly recommend her to anyone interested

  in having an elegant home. "                                                  David & Marcia Gurtridge "   Long Boat Key, Florida


 "Tatiana's "Bacchus" transformed Bella's average back bar into the focal point of the restaurant.  You 'feel' his presence...he

  watches to make sure you are sipping his wares!  Tatiana is truly a blessed artist.  She creates magic!  You are fantastic! Huggs."

                                                                                                                                Joanie Corneil      Tampa, Florida


 "Tatiana, often, small words work better that gargantuan multystyllabic  tonguetwisters...... like WOW!

  You've done impossible, you impressed my family. They said he used to have a smile like that thirty years ago. His eyes used to

  glow like that forty years ago, And, of course you added things people associated with me for the last half of the century: the

  junk in the pocket, a glass of wine and a ball cap. But like my sister said, at list I wasn't wearing 1953 Brooklyn Dodger cap. I

  warned'em!  I've seen much of your art and gave been an aficionado for years. But even I was stunned by the warmth and grace

  of the piece and it's technical mastery, even with me in it. If you get tired of me barking and singing you praise feel free to kick

  me in the ribs.     Thank you so much."                                      Chef Tom Pritchard, Florida


 "Tatiana Rugers transformed our generic white walled dining room into a work  of art . Her keen eye and use of color made our

  house a beautiful place to come home to. "                                Julie Everett ,   Tampa, Florida


" Dear Tatiana,

 I absolutely love the shells and pearls mural on my powder room walls. It is fabulous.

 Also thank you so much for crown molding in the family room. No one can believe that it is a painting since it matches the wood

 on the ceiling so perfectly. "                                                          Virginia Crespo,    Clearwater, Florida


"Her mural expands the entire room, gives it life and dimensions, and brings a pastoral outdoor scene into that most drab of spaces

  a medical waiting  room..."   To read full story-->

                                                                   Dr. Bill Blackshear,  Bellair, Florida



 The Perrier Jouet mural you painted was absolutely, positively, unequivocally stunning!!  Everyone was raving about it during our

  party at Mansion Nightclub.  You're so very talented!  I look forward to featuring the mural for many PJ events in the future.

          Warmly"                                            Sarah J. Halstead Pernod Ricard USA", Miami, Florida


" Often I find someone who is creative but they have no gift for follow through and attention to detail in the craftsmanship of the final

 product. Other time I can find someone who is a master at the finish detail but I can't trust in their creative ideas. I find the razzle

 dazzle or the detail but not both in one person. You have created my wall finishes, Venetian Plasters and Trompe l'Oeil  in several

 houses and each time both your creativity and attention to detail have been absolutely 100% awesome. In one house I wanted

 something bit edgy and out there, another house I wanted warm and homey, another house Victorian and traditional. Your own

 personal style preference never entered the picture because you see beyond that to create and focus on what will make each

 project integrate beautifully. For  creativity, craftsmanship, and continuity you are the best in my book. 

                                                                                       Sincerely, Toni Freeman" Tampa and  Palmetto, Florida


 "Tatiana has decorated our home with faux painted walls and murals. All who see are amazed at her talent and realism. Not only

  is her work excellent but she is also a joy to have around. I highly recommend this talented artist.---You will not be disappointed.

  She is truly exceptional.

                                                                                     Sincerely,     Judy Karshner."    Avila, Tampa, Florida      


 "Dear Tatiana,  You have transformed my house in Bradenton, Fl. Your work made it the most special one in my development. 

  The  Faux, the Trompe L'oeil and the murals are incredible.  From austere, plain surfaces, you created an Italian atmosphere that

  is an every- day delight to live with.  Thank you again for making my home very special--what a talent you are!! 

                                                                                         Aloha, Gina Schultz "    Hawaii and Bradenton, Florida


  "Tatiana painted a beautiful mural on my teenage daughter's bedroom wall as a birthday present from me.  She wanted

 a sunset scene.  The mural is a sunset scene looking out of a window, with our dog in the foreground.  My daughter is

  thrilled with her mural.  It is the focal point of her bedroom.  We could not be happier with the way the mural turned out.

                                                                                               Nancy Faller Brown ".    Tampa, Florida


 "Tatiana!!!!!!! Oh my goodness What a wonderful surprise! The gorgeous portrait arrived today WHAT AN ARTIST you are!

 the painting is full of joy and happiness!!! What a treat that I met you and you are the one to do my portrait!!! WOW

 I am stunned .......wordless!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much my friend! I shall treasure it! Sass "  Omaha, NE



 Thank you for giving me an opportunity to work 

  with you and for your wonderful comments.

                           Tatiana Rugers


     To add a comment please email it to:

ph. (813) 390-4120




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