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       <-Back                            Why choose Color Consulting?                    



 Do you ever consider color consulting? 

 Or do you think it is not that important?

 One of my dear client of many years thinks that, quote :

"Coloring consulting is the most  cost effective way  to ensure

design success."

 Please enjoy this small article below.


                 -----------My sincere appreciation for writing it to Toni Freeman-----------

                                                                                              (Tatiana Rugers)


  " Before I get sick I make sure to have annual checkups to prevent disaster.  I get my teeth

 cleaned at the dentist to prevent cavities. Yet for most of my adult life it never occurred to me

 to seek out a professional with regards to the exterior and interior color design of my home.

 Sure, as I became successful I wanted to invest in art and commissioned Tatiana do major wall

 and/or room décor. However, for some reason (that makes no sense) I believed I should be able

 to walk into Home Depot, look at their inspiration room colors, and then expected everything

 to turn out fabulous. Some of us pay $40 to $60 a gallon for the paint color in the store picture

 and yet are often stressed and afraid of the outcome. Others of us look at the paint chips, get

 overwhelmed about the outcome, and decide to go beige. Going beige because it’s part of our

 sophisticated design plan is great – but going beige due to overwhelm and fear is criminal.


 Before you start any home décor project do some preventive care and have an expert set you

 on a path that gets you to an awesome result without expensive disaster, stress, and overwhelm.


 The fact is, color has a greater effect on us than we think. It can affect our mood, convey an

 image, and enhance our surroundings. Coloring consulting is the most cost effective way

 to ensure design success. What good is it to have Tatiana do high end finishes if the color mood

 of the rest of the house is off slightly. I love big bold colors so when I am choosing color I tend

 to “go for it” and things almost look good -- yet often turn out tacky (LOL but true). As a child

 in kindergarten I am sure I loved to paint my grass bright purple. Others might have loved to

 paint pictures to have a more natural realistic look. As an adult you might want to stick to an

 organized color scheme but you don’t want it to be boring do you? Working with Tatiana has

 taught me that absolutely every color you might choose is a great color when it is used with

 other colors that balance and enhance your design.


 To sum things up I believe my investment for Tatiana Rugers color consulting:

- Helped me clarify and set clear design goals.

- Helped me visualize how colors in my home interact

- Taught me that color is the most important design element in my home

- Ensured my success

- Gave me the confidence to know that I could show my unique personality and color point

  of view and yet have a sophisticated beautiful house.

- She used her color services to give me nuanced color trend choices while ensuring that my home colors won’t look outdated next year.


 Whether your budget is big, small, or in between using Tatiana’s color expertise will greatly

 enhance any project you tackle and is a great investment in your home.


  Contributed by

  Toniraye Freeman

  Author, Escape From Was





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