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        Mural for  restaurant Chez Bryce. Tampa.

  I was very fortunate to design and paint a mural for my friend Bryce - chef and owner of

  Tampa new and absolutely wonderful restaurant 'Chez Bryce'.


   Bryce and I met to discuss what mural should be. He told me that he would really love to

   see a part of France which he loves - Provence, with lavender field, sunflowers, etc.

   While we were talking his three years daughter Amanda was playing around the fountain

   at the restaurant patio. She was absolutely animated and beautiful like only children can

   be. I took few photos of her.

   When I was working on a sketch for that mural I could not stop thinking about little Amanda

   and could not resist to paint her in that mural. After all, what would  make Bryce-her father



  I painted that mural on canvas,  so if Bryce decides to move his restaurant to another

  location he can take  this mural with him.

   To see photos of mural progress and canvas mural installation click here.

  You can see this mural in  Restaurant Chez Bryce:

                  238 E. Davis Blvd.

                  Tampa, Fl   33606

                  ph: 813-258-8100





          Canvas mural installation

            You can see this mural in :

                 Restaurant Chez Bryce:

                  238 E. Davis Blvd.

                  Tampa, Fl   33606

                  ph: 813-258-8100


ph. (813) 390-4120




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