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  Beach Condo






           Mural on canvas

    designed and painted by

      Artist Tatiana Rugers  for:


           Dr. B ill Blackshear 

    Prescription  Weight Loss Clinic 



 "Her mural expands the entire room,

  gives it life and dimensions, and brings

  a pastoral outdoor scene into that most

  drab of spaces – a medical waiting  

   room..."   To read full story-->




      True story:  

 One day a woman with

 daughter came to that clinic.

 Little  girl looked at the mural,

 went  straight to painted bird

 and  kissed it.



 Opening a new branch medical office in an upscale part of town, we wanted to make the public areas unique and  attractive. 

 However, we were faced with one major problem in the waiting room – a very large, flat white space on one wall that had been

 constructed to separate our area from the adjacent company which had formerly occupied both offices.  This space stuck out

 like a sore thumb, completely out of sync with the bright color scheme of the rest of our office and we couldn’t think of anything

 short of a major re-construction project to solve the problem. 


 When we saw Tatiana’s work, we knew our problem was solved.  After an on site inspection and with minimal direction from

 us, she put her artistic vision and imagination to work and came up with a preliminary design incorporating the basic seaside

 theme that we had selected and adding an Italian villa look.  The finished product transformed an eyesore into the focal point of

 the room.  Her mural expands the entire room, gives it life and dimensions, and brings a pastoral outdoor scene into that most

 drab of spaces – a medical waiting room.  Patients spend more time looking at the mural than reading the magazines, small

 children walk up to pet, and occasionally kiss,  birds in the foreground of the scene and sometimes even talk to them.  One day

 I fully expect someone to try to walk out onto the portico Tatiana painted.   


 Tatiana’s artistry has brightened our office and also brightened the lives of our patients and our staff.  It’s a continual

 conversation piece.  And the best part is that she painted the mural on a heavy canvas which we can take down and bring along

 if we ever move to another location.  Her beautiful mural art was the perfect fit for our office."     Dr. Bill Blackshear



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