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  Beach Condo




   At your convenience I will schedule our first meeting  discuss subject matter, creative ideas, colors

  and style. Based on selected idea and measurement I will prepare  proposal with estimated price


                             Process: from sketch to installation.

 1. First meeting.

 Photo of the niche "before"


 2. sketch



 3. Presentation to the client.

 Photoshop of wall with my sketch


 4. Painting  on canvas in studio: under-painting


  5.Painting  on canvas: progress



   6.Painting  on canvas: progress


7.Painting  on canvas: Finished



8.Painting  on canvas:  Installed


 First hour of first meeting is free if you live within 1 hour drive from S. Tampa.

 When you signed proposal and paid deposit for  a project - Color consulting is free

 and  all additional meetings are free. 

 Detail of mural by Tatiana Rugers

                                            Murals and Trompe l'Oeil Prices

 Some of you already have an idea for your  mural, and have photos,  pictures, etc.  If not,

 I definitely will offer my ideas for what would work the best in your place. Very often I will

 do a sketch for you approval and then make adjustments if  necessary.

 Price for mural starts at $500 and will go up depending on style of painting, details,  size,

 wall condition, etc. 


 While working on sketches I combine them with the photo of your wall to create a digital preview

  for you to see how the wall will look after it's  finished.

 Sketch cost (which will be deducted from mural price) starts with  $250


                                                       Color Consulting:

    $100 - first hour: $80 - additional hour.

    Color consulting is complimentary when I am working on a big mural or other  projects in your house.

           to see  Portrait Prices ->                                      to see Pet's Portrait Prices ->



  I am looking forward to working with you - creating

 with your vision and my skills an exciting art to your

 house or business.

                                Tatiana Rugers


ph. (813) 390-4120




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