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<-Back              Custom  Murals on Canvas      


     Custom Murals on canvas has several advantages :

 - They are removable and if you desire you can relocate then within your residence

   or take with you if you are moving to a new location.


- Since they are completed in our studio, our clients homes & schedules

    are not disrupted.

  - They can be installed on the wall or ceiling or can be framed as art  paintings.
   - Our custom canvas murals can be shipped in within US. 
  - Murals on canvas will be sized according to your specific dimensions.
  - We paint only on finest quality canvas.   


                         Examples of different methods of canvas installations:   

 1. This mural on canvas was

   stapled to the wall, trimmed

   and then framed  with a thin

   wood trim.    see more->

 2. This mural was stretched

    and framed as painting.


     see more->

 3. Top edge of this mural  was stapled

   to a wooden rod with rope attached

   to be hanged on  the wall.   see more->


 4. This mural on canvas was

 installed into the niche using

 paste for heavy wall papers

    see more->


5. This Trompe l'Oeil mural was

 painted on several pieces of canvas.

 It was glued to the ceiling and


 6. This mural on canvas was stapled

 to a plywood  panel (like upholstery)

 Then screws were used  toattach it

  onto the wall     see more->



 *** Commission a mural is an investment like any other art. ***

 Canvas installation is pretty simple - much like heavy wall paper, which when

 applied correctly by a professional wallpaper hanger, is easy to remove  with no

 damage to the mural.  


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