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'I feel like I can walk right in...' - I often here from my customers when

  mural  is complete. Shown here are examples of murals I have painted.

(click on the image below to view a bigger picture)

Mediterranean hand painted mural by Tampa mural artist Tatiana, canvas mural

Tuscany custom painted mural by Tampa mural artistTatiana, wine bar wall mural

Mediterranean custom mural by Tampa mural artist Tatiana, faux marblr finish

Ceiling tropical mural by Tampa mural artist Tatiana, faux finish for walls 

  Commission a mural is an investment like any other art.

  It is a great joy for me to work with your vision and to create an illusion of

  depth and perspective as though you can walk into it and enjoy a new



   When I design and sketch a mural my goals are:

 - create a distinct ambience designed for your style and your interests;

 - compliment architecture and features and colors of your room;

 - open up your room by adding perspective

 - and of course create an art  to bring beauty, luxury and sophistication to

   your home or work environment. 

  A well thought and well executed mural will enhance your environment and

  make your room look open and elegant. For businesses custom murals will

  make your commercial space memorable and unique.


  Murals can be painted directly on walls or on canvas and can be mounted as

  stand alone painting, or theme can be continued throughout an entire room.

 The advantage of murals on canvas is that they can be transferred to another

  location in your current residence or to a new residence; also murals can be

  framed as paintings as you will see on first photo.








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